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Welcome to, the site of the International Society for Vestibular Rehabilitation (SIRV).

This site and its editorial sections contain very comprehensive information about the anatomy, vertigos and their treatment through vestibular reeducation and are accessible to everyone.

An open-access public forum allows you to exchange ideas and experiences on the topic of vertigos and their treatment.
A directory of healthcare professionals, notably physiotherapists specialising in vestibular reeducation, allows you to easily find a nearby SIRV member practitioner.


For professional SIRV members, this site provides information especially for you: news, information about events and congresses organised by the SIRV, a private forum for healthcare professionals, access to the newsletter archives, responses to any questions posed at the general assembly etc.

To access this information, you have member access that allows you to update the personal information that appears in our Directory.


For non-member healthcare professionals, you can contact us by simply registering on line on our site.

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Congrès 2019
Latest news (only in french)

The next SIRC Congress Paris May 17-18 2019

Maison de la Chimie

The next SIRV Congress will be held in Paris, May 17 - 18  2019


"Updating knowledge of the Vestibular System,

from sensors to perception and cognition."

Adress: Maison de la Chimie – 28 Rue Saint-Dominique, 75007 Paris


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Tour d'horizon de la Rééducation des Vertiges


Les 5 et 6 avril prochains de déroulera  à Marrakech le premier événement du  Groupe des Intervenants du Vertige et de l’Equilibre (G.I.V.E)

Ces deux journées, essentiellement accès sur la pratique, ont pour but de reprendre un par un les principaux outils de bilan et de rééducation du patient vertigineux.

Synthèse des ateliers, table ronde et séances plénières viendront compléter le programme.



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Directory of healthcare professionals specialising in vestibular reeducation
Directory of healthcare professionals specialising in vestibular reeducation
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Alain Sémont

Founding President of the SIRV

Author of Vestibular Reeducation



In 2014, the International Society for Vestibular Rehabilitation will continue to welcome healthcare professionals interested in the treatment of ailments that are behind vertigos and balance disorders. The number of members increases year by year. And this is an important year given that the Founder is handing the reins over to a young and dynamic team, who will continue to raise the reputation of their learned association. There is a strong emphasis on teaching and publications. This will guarantee the future of vestibular reeducation® for the well-being of all.

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